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Cut costs and increase revenue?

Yes! Here's how...

If your property is eligible for, and selected to participate in, the Imperium Suites short term rentals program, here are the benefits you will gain immediately:

✓ All Minor Maintenance Covered

No more untimely plumbing and appliance repair calls while you’re attending a family function. We absorb all the hassle—and costs!—of minor maintenance; including lawn care and snow removal.

✓ Regular Professional Cleanings

Every time a guest checks out, your property will be meticulously cleaned from top to bottom, at zero cost to you.

✓ Minimal Use of Utilities &
✓ Less Wear-and-Tear on Appliances

Short term tenants will use your property differently than long term tenants.

When freeing yourself from the burden of long-term tenants, your property will experience minimal use of appliances and utilities, thereby resulting in less maintenance time and expenses.

✓ Carefully Screened Short Term Guests

All guests are pre-screened for identification, only stay 1-6 nights on average, and are guaranteed to be smoke and pet free.

✓ Automatic Monthly Direct Deposits

Direct deposits will be made each month into your bank account.

Put your investment on auto-pilot and your mind at ease: Your worries about collecting late rent payments will become a thing of the past.

✓ Increase Revenue

Renting by the day, instead of by the month, means more positive cash flow for your property!

✓ No Additional Administrative Hassle

Make your investment truly passive! We handle everything: Payment collections, bookings, guest communication, damage and liability deposits, check-in/check-out, cleaning, maintenance, security ... everything!

✓ Video Surveillance &
✓ Secure Keyless Entry

We install cameras to monitor the exterior entrances to your property. This is more for our peace of mind, than yours! We made a promise to manage your property as if it were our own... and that's a promise we intend to keep.

✓ Zero Fees

There are zero fees to participate in the Imperium Suites short term rentals program. We are compensated by collecting a percentage of the increased rental income we generate.

Put a permanent end to your worries about:

✗ Vacancies
✗ Disorderly and troublesome tenants
✗ Late rent payments

We do the work. You get paid!

You acquired real estate property in pursuit of the goal of passive income.

Landlords who participate in the Imperium Suites Short Term Rentals program are confident in the knowledge that their investment is in good hands, generating maximum, reliable passive cash flow, while minimizing costs.

When travelers visit our area on business or holiday, they prefer to experience all our area has to offer from the perspective of a local, rather than staying at a corporate, cookie-cutter hotel.

We give them that experience by providing all the amenities and services of a hotel, but through elegant, clean, and privately owned properties.

Perhaps yours?

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About Us

Imperium Suites is owned and operated by James Joseph Finn and Carl Joseph Bevacqua; both of whom have lived and worked in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania for over 30 years.

Imperium Suites may be a new property management business, but both James and Carl have extensive property management experience, and business experience.

Imperium Suites is a proud accredited affiliate of Pique Properties, an established and proven short term rental property management network. Together, for over 3 years, we have empowered dozens of landlords all across North America, and have helped them to generate predictable, passive income, by profitably managing their short term rental units.

Imperium Suites is an LLC registered in the State of Pennsylvania, and licensed to operate also in the State of New Jersey.

James Joseph Finn

James Joseph Finn

Carl Joseph Bevacqua

Carl Joseph Bevacqua

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Learn how Imperium Suites helps property owners like you cut costs and increase revenue.


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We don’t just design an interior...
We design an experience.

We will transform your ordinary apartment into an elegant, corporate executive suite, which will command top dollar, and dramatically increase the value of your rental unit. Thus ultimately empowering you to maximize the return on your investment.

Modern ✦ Minimal ✦ Clean ✦ Affordable

Contact us now!

Schedule your meeting with a Landlord Happiness Specialist, so together we can determine if your property is a good fit for this opportunity!

Contact Us Now!

Schedule your meeting with a Landlord Happiness Specialist, so together we can determine if your property is a good fit for this opportunity!

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